Seamless - "Discovery to Delivery"
  • Expanding access to other library collections
  • Enabling end users to discover and access a wider range of resources
  • Unmediated - no upfront effort at your own or supplying library

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  • Pre-authentication
  • Google like search
  • Target multiple databases
  • Real time availability & loan policies,
    i.e. not just current circulation status
Smart Request Management
  • Ensuring both the library and students
    demands and preferences are met
  • Load balancing, weighting and tier grouping
Open System - Interfacing and interoperating
with other tools and resources in your library
  • ILS e.g. Ex Libris Aleph, Ex Libris Voyager,
    Innovative Millennium, SirsiDynix, etc.
  • Resources Searching systems e.g. Libraries Australia
  • Discovery Layters e.g. Ex Libris Primo,
    Serial Solutions Summon
  • Saving staff time in not manually having to request, checkout and check-in items
  • Supports integration and interoperability with the library ILS via NCIP,
    ESIP and screen scraping

For further information contact Sae Ra Germaine, Manager, Information Systems, (03) 9450 5568