Digitising Services

CAVAL pioneered high-speed, high-quality bound-volume digitising service in 2008 to support electronic access and preservation programs of academic member libraries and for non-member libraries and customers.

There are now commercial providers in the market that are able to meet diverse requirements for quality scanning and ancillary services.

This has prompted CAVAL to step back from the commercial digitising market effective January 2016, in order to focus on emerging areas such as digital preservation standards and digital asset description services.

Related CAVAL services such as electronic document delivery of inter-library loans from the hardcopy materials housed in the CARM Shared Collection will not be affected by the above changes.

The staff of CAVAL Digitising Services acknowledges the support of the many client organisations who have entrusted us with their digitising requirements and hardcopy collections.  

Contact us via marketing@caval.edu.au if you have any queries or require further information

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