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The CARM Centre is the premier Australian archiving facility for low-use and last-copy research material. A fast delivery Interlibrary Loan service is available from the CARM Shared Collection.  Requests are accepted via Libraries Australia Document Delivery system, related automated systems or via email to

Please visit the Australian Interlibrary Resource Sharing (ILRS) Directory to view the CARM Shared Collection (VCARM) full contact details.

CARM ILL Requests Priority

Requests from CARM Member libraries are dispatched within 24 hours. All loans are sent using a courier service that tracks items, Express Post or by Registered Mail. Copies are sent as PDFs via email or directly to the requesters document store if applicable. These requests will receive priority over requests from non-member libraries.

CAVAL member libraries that are not CARM members are charged the ILRS recommended price for core requests, with a discount of $1.

Requests from non-member libraries are filled following ILRS recommended turnaround times. All requests are processed as quickly as possible taking note of the type of request: Express, Rush or Core.


CARM Member Libraries:

Other CAVAL Member Libraries:

Interlibrary loan requests from CARM Member libraries will receive priority over requests from non-member libraries

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