CARM2 Official Opening

The Performance - CAVAL CARM2 Opening Function

On December 3rd, 2010, Senator the Hon. Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, opened the facility funded by CAVAL member universities, specifically The University of Melbourne, Monash University and RMIT University.


CircaNICA principal performers: James Brown, Christian Schoonveldt-Reid, Casey Douglas, Ruby Rowat and Sharon Gruenert. The film of the CircaNICA performance was produced by Laki Sideris.

The opening was celebrated with a performance especially produced and directed by CircaNICA, a leading Australian creative producer and agency for professional circus, and designed to demonstrate the scale of the new Stage 2 facility. The performance opens with residents of an office building (4 levels of library shelving) waking to the morning sun, reading and contemplating. In the park nearby several businessmen consult books for information on their daily activities and finally the brightly-coloured lorikeets of the Bundoora area fly in to inspect the books and their readers.

The $14 million expansion trebles the capacity of the CARM Centre to 78 km of shelves, with capacity to store about three million volumes in a typical library configuration, or seven million volumes in a high-density configuration. Many of the stored volumes form a shared collection, helping to eliminate duplication among member libraries.

The CARM Centre is used by member libraries primarily as a purpose-built, print repository for low-use and last-copy research publications and artefacts. The collection, which is stored in a secure, sealed and environmentally-controlled vault, is catalogued in the Australian National Bibliographic Database and items are accessible via the interlibrary loans (ILL) system or electronic document delivery.

For more information on the CARM Centre contact or Eva Varga, CARM Centre Manager (03) 9450 5514 

The Rehearsal - CAVAL CARM2 Opening Function

This behind the scenes film of the rehearsal by CircaNICA of their performance to launch the CARM 2 building at CAVAL, provides an insight into the inspiring work of CircaNICA and a glimpse of the personalities of the performers.


The film of the Rehearsal was produced by Laki Sideris.

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