Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

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CAVAL staff have expertise in all aspects of Interlibrary Loans and Document Delivery Services. Types of services we can provide include:

  • implementation and management of a complete ILL & DDS service for your library
  • advice on the selection and implementation of an automated ILL/DDS system
  • relevant training for your staff.

Relais ILL

CAVAL provides Support and Hosting Services for Australasian customers of the Relais ILL Management Software.  The Help Desk operates as a triage service, assigning local resources to issues based on their severity and urgency, and escalating calls to the Relais International Service Centre in Canada where appropriate.  CAVAL staff are trained to provide application support for Relais.  

Relais Help Desk

CAVAL is a not-for-profit library consortium owned by 11 Australian universities and offering a range of specialist services to libraries including inter-library-loan and document delivery services and systems, digitization of library materials, consultancy, specialist cataloguing services, training and staff development in library and related fields, and off-site storage for library and archive materials.

Relais™ International Inc has been providing ISO ILL compliant Inter Library Loan and resource sharing systems for over a decade.  Based in Ottawa, Canada, specialized Inter Library Loan application staff provides continuous improvements to the Relais product.  Currently, 11 Australian libraries are using Relais to interoperate with over 1000 Australian and New Zealand libraries and also libraries worldwide.

For further information contact Sae Ra Germaine, Manager, Information Systems, (03) 9450 5568