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Partnership with Relais International extended to include D2D

In May 2011 CAVAL signed a Distribution Agreement with Relais International for Relais D2D (Discovery to Delivery).

Relais D2D is the latest offering in Relais’ product suite. This standards-based software for discovery and resource sharing for cooperating libraries will be marketed by CAVAL in Australasia as CAVAL D2D.

CAVAL D2D seamlessly integrates the discovery experience for both end users and staff with request management and delivery functions. D2D optimizes the user’s ability to discover items of interest and get immediate access to or request delivery of the material with minimal or no intervention by staff. Based on a modular open approach, a library can further optimize its options by combining the functionality in D2D with other systems and software making D2D the future for resource sharing.

More information on Relais D2D


CAVAL introduces mk Sorting Systems

The Background
Early in 2010, CAVAL was approached by mk Sorting Systems, a German-based systems company, to partner and bid for a tender for the University of Queensland Library.

Consistent with its strategic priorities, CAVAL took up this opportunity and worked closely with mk Sorting Systems to prepare a tailored bid and in July was successful in achieving the order for a custom-designed returns sorting system, RFID tags and equipment and 2 mk LibDispensers.

This is another example of CAVAL facilitating the introduction of new technology for the Australian library sector through its business activities. Earlier examples include the acquisition of the first Kirtas 2400 book scanner for the digitising bureau service; the introduction of the Turn-it-in plagiarism detection software and the joint specification and development of the precursor to the VDX ISO-compliant Inter-Library Lending mediation software.

The Partner
mk Sorting Systems, a subsidiary of mk Technology Group, develops and installs user-friendly self service, sorting and RFID systems for libraries. mk offers individual, customized automation solutions designed to meet each library’s specific needs. Experienced in the allied high precision engineering fields of aviation and automotive manufacturing, mk Sorting Systems has the capability and experience to design and build customised engineering solutions for large libraries and circulation systems.

The Product Range
The mk product offering includes returns sorting systems based on RFID-tagged circulating library items and on hybrid systems using the original bar-coded items; readers and security gates for self-charging and circulation management in libraries and the newest product, exclusive to mk Sorting Systems, is the mk LibDispenser.

The mk LibDispenser
This product is a real library branch extension that provides a complete circulation service point enabling libraries to increase efficiencies in reaching, servicing and delivering their service to clients.

More information on mk Sorting Systems


Relais International Appoints CAVAL for Local Support in Australasia

In May 2009, an Agreement with Relais International for CAVAL to provide Support and Hosting Services for Australasian customers of the Relais ILL Management Software, was announced.

CAVAL will provide a Help Desk and first line Application Support Service for libraries using Relais in Australia and New Zealand. The Help Desk will operate as a triage service, assigning local resources to issues based on their severity and urgency, and escalating calls to the Relais International Service Centre in Canada where appropriate. CAVAL staff will be trained to provide application support for Relais.

From June, existing and new Australasian Relais sites will have local, real time support from CAVAL’s ISO ILL specialist staff, based in Melbourne, Australia. CAVAL will assume the management of local hosting services for Relais International hosted customers.

Relais International and CAVAL see this partnership providing a significant benefit, immediately and in the future, to libraries in Australia and New Zealand by affording access to local hosting, support and training.

CAVAL is a not-for-profit library consortium owned by 11 Australian universities and offering a range of specialist services to libraries including inter-library-loan and document delivery services and systems, digitisation of library materials, consultancy, specialist cataloguing services, training and staff development in library and related fields, and off-site storage for library and archive materials.

Relais International has been providing ISO ILL compliant Inter Library Loan and resource sharing systems for over a decade. Based in Ottawa, Canada, specialised Inter Library Loan application staff provides continuous improvements to the Relais product. Currently, 11 Australian libraries are using Relais to interoperate with over 1000 Australian and New Zealand libraries and also libraries world wide.

More information on Relais ILL & Document Delivery

VALA CAVAL joint anniversary series

In November 2008 CAVAL partnered with VALA (Melbourne-based organisation sponsoring a biennial national conference on library technology) to celebrate its 30 year anniversary with a national lecture tour by Lizanne Payne, (Executive Director, Washington Research Library Network) and Karen Schneider, (Equinox Software and the "Free Range Librarian').  This lecture series was attended by more than 250 people in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.


In July 2008, CAVAL signed a second three year agreement with the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) to cooperate across the full range of their activities, including events, services and projects which support and advocate the development of libraries and information services.  Under the terms of the agreement, individual ALIA members receive a 10% discount on the price of public training events offered by CAVAL.  ALIA's institutional members also receive a 15% discount on the cost of in-house (onsite) training programs provided by CAVAL.

L to R: Richard Sayers, Director Capability Development CAVAL and Sue Hutley, Executive Director ALIA, sign the agreement (11th July 2008).


Since 2004 CAVAL has partnered with the ARL (Association of Research Libraries) on a range of library statistics and library assessment activities. These have included seminars and training events relating to LibQUAL+, qualitative and quantitative analysis and online statistics software.


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