Dec-Jul 2005

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2006 Training Directory Available

8th December 2005

2006 Training Directory [PDF] 825KB


Cataloguing Services Update

17th November 2005

Over the last few months the cataloguing and end-processing staff at CAVAL have been kept busy working on a variety of projects. Many of these are new projects which have allowed CAVAL to expand its casual staff base in order to meet the demands of the new projects. The growth of the end-processing department has resulted in it being relocated to a larger room dedicated entirely to end-processing. The new room is located between the loading bay and the cataloguing area and has increased the end-processing workflow by allowing more storage space for large consignments, less handling of materials and easy access to supplies and information.

The Cataloguing and Metadata Services Manager, Lamis Sukkar, recently had the opportunity to travel the country and visit potential and existing customers ranging in location from South Australia to Queensland. These visits have allowed her to meet staff from individual libraries in order to get an insight into how their libraries work and will allow CAVAL to better meet their customer's needs. For further Information contact Lamis Sukkar

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Training Program Highlights

17th November 2005

In August, Colin Steele - Emeritus Fellow, ANU - presented a very successful series of workshops across Australia and New Zealand on Open Access and the future of scholarly communication. In September, SOLINET's Heather Dray travelled to Australia to present two courses on Collection Management and Quality Reference Services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Dr Eric Davies of Loughborough University (UK) travelled to Australia and New Zealand in October where he was a keynote speaker at the 3rd Evidence Based Librarianship Conference in Brisbane and presented two satellite programs for CAVAL.

In November, Sheila Webber (University of Sheffield) and Bill Johnston (University of Strathclyde) will present CRIG's annual Information Literacy Seminar, Lifting the Lid: Information Literacy and Academics - Challenging the Assumptions of Librarians. In October, the current president of ALIA - Dr Gillian Hallam - presented a series of workshops on Ca Career Development for new graduates through to experienced practitioners.For further information contact CAVAL Training at

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Recent CAVAL Papers

17th November 2005

CAVAL staff regularly present papers at local, national and international conferences.

Presented at IFLA Satellite Conference
Aspects of CAVAL's multi-lingual cataloguing services were described by Cathie Jilovsky in the paper she presented at the IFLA Satellite Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden in August. The paper was co-authored by Andrew Cunningham from the State Library of Victoria and entitled "Multilingual Cataloguing: practical and technical issues".
Presented at Northumbria International Conference
Sue Henczel gave a keynote presentation at the recent 6th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Centres held in Durham, England. Cathie Jilovsky's paper "Library Statistics: Reflecting yesterday, today and tomorrow" drew on her experience with the collection and publication of the CAUL Statistics.
Presented at the 3rd International Evidence Based Librarianship Conference
Cathie Jilovsky and Steve Hiller (University of Washington, USA) co-authored a paper "Measuring Value: A Comparison of Performance Quality Measures and Outcomes Identified by Australian and North American Libraries" which they presented at the 3rd International Evidence Based Librarianship Conference held in Brisbane in October.
To be Presented at Openroad 2006 Conference
Lamis Sukkar, Eva Varga and Cathie Jilovsky will be presenting a paper "Multilingual Cataloguing: culture, practice and systems" at the State Library of Victoria's Openroad 2006 conference to be held in February 2006.

For further information about CAVAL's mult-lingual services contact Lamis Sukkar
For further information about CAVAL's statistical services contact Cathie Jilovsky

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New Constitution for CAVAL

1st November 2005

A special General Meeting of the CAVAL Members on 13 October voted to change the CAVAL Constitution. The proposals to change the constitution had been developed over a period of time by the CAVAL Board responding to issues of improvement to the governance and growth of the company.

The changes include a reduction in the size of the Board from 15 to 9 with subsequent elections which will be happening over the last few weeks of 2005. The new CAVAL Board will constitute 5 elected directors from the Member Universities and 4 appointed directors. The Appointed directors will be so appointed because of their particular expertise and experience which will add to the deliberations and growth of the company.

CAVAL Constitution for website October 2005 [PDF] 241KB

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CAVAL Intranet Launched

25th October 2005

The CAVAL intranet is an entirely new site created to provide a central location to access current news, staff calendaring and scheduling, web-based access to email and files at CAVAL and other electronic resources for CAVAL staff. The intranet can be found at

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CAVAL Visiting Scholars

25th October 2005

CAVAL is very pleased to announce the awarding of the Second and Third CAVAL Visiting Scholarships to Professor Gary Gorman and to Dr Gillian Hallam respectively for 2006.

Professor Gorman from the Victoria University of Wellington will pursue work on the nature and business aspects of collaboration. This understanding will be vital for the future of how libraries organise their businesses and how CAVAL might best assist them.

Dr Hallam who is a Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University of technology will focus on number of areas. Dr Hallam will be working on issues to do with continuing professional development in this new era of the internet where new skills are required by librarians to stay relevant. She will also be working on new program models which might see different collaborative delivery strategies for innovative programs in the LIS sector. In this Scholarship she will be working with CAVAL Members and staff looking at the requirements of workforce planning over the next 2 to 5 years and developing a framework that might encompass the collaborative involvement of QUT as a university, ALAI as the professional development association and CAVAL to be offered either as an external program or as an internal program tailored to the needs of a client organisation or consortium.

Both Scholars will be based at CAVAL in 2006. Dr Paul Genoni was the First Visiting Scholar with excellent research and publications on collection development in Australia. The Scholarship is an excellent way of linking CAVAL's business areas into systematic study by our academic colleagues.

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