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PRESS RELEASE: CAVAL launches copyright permissions service

21 April 2010

CAVAL has established a new copyright permissions service for the higher education sector. The new service already has one customer and is discussing ways the service can be of assistance to its other members. 

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CAVAL Copyright Permissions Service

19 January 2010

CAVAL members can now subscribe to a centralised Copyright Permissions Service specialising in seeking copyright permissions for the academic sector. The service will commence in 2010 and be established in phases. The first phase is to manage permissions requests for the following areas: 

  • teaching & learning
  • e-repositories
  • research projects
  • format shifting

The new service will provide:

  • A complete copyright permissions seeking service for the use of third party material within the learning environment
  • Records management of permissions documentation, including terms and conditions of permissions, using an in-house developed database
  • Informed advice to the institution’s nominated copyright liaison officers on obtaining permissions

Phase two of the service will included a searchable online database of all permissions obtained or requested including details of permission expiration and renewal.

To obtain further information, discuss your institution’s needs or receive a detailed proposal please contact Sara Hearn, Manager CAVAL Copyright Permissions Service, sara.hearn@caval.edu.au