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Australia’s unique collections repository

CAVAL offers a range of short and long-term leased solutions for all your storage requirements. We assess your needs and tailor the proposed storage to provide you with the most cost-effective solution, with flexible options for the duration, shelving and curatorial access and management of your collections.


The CAVAL difference

• A trusted institution, benefitting Australian libraries, galleries, archives and museums for 35 years

• High quality purpose-built, environmentally controlled, secure storage

• Flexible storage options and high density shelving capacity, so that you only pay for the storage you need

• Short and long-terms storage solutions to suit your current and future needs

• Management systems for collection access, according to your requirements

• Facilities for curatorial inspection of collections

• Cataloguing and digitising services for the efficient stewardship of your collection management projects


Collection Management Solutions

To provide improved workflow efficiencies, cost benefits and complete project management, we combine our storage solutions with other collection management services such as multi-lingual accessioning, cataloguing and materials processing services and specialist digitising services for books and other bound volumes. CAVAL will provide total stewardship of your collection management projects, such as the re-formatting of print to digital collections, the decanting of lesser used or special collections, and the management of legal deposit and donations collections.


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