• The provision of help desk services and operations training
  • Project, systems and platform management
  • An understanding of technological advancements and ability to test tools that can be applied to the library environment
  • The collection and publication of library statistics
  • Benchmarking, library assessment and measurement, data analysis
  • Interlibrary loans and document delivery
  • Extensive analysis of business practices and workflows

Helpdesk support and systems managed by CAVAL

  • Inter-Library Loans & Document Delivery
  • Research data management
  • JUSP ANZ Service
  • IRUS ANZ Service
  • Skilltype

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

With our expertise in all aspects of Interlibrary Loans and Document Delivery, we can provide a range of services

  • Implementation and management of a complete ILL/DDS service for libraries
  • Advice on the selection and implementation of an automated workflows/systems
  • ILL/DDS system Relevant training for library staff