What is Skilltype?

Skilltype is an online platform that provides library managers with key data on skill gaps and strengths within the organisation, and provides library employees with the tools to develop the skills and competencies needed for their role. 

The Product?

Skilltype is both an evaluative tool to help library managers determine skill gaps and strengths across the organisation, and a rich on-demand training database of resources to help library staff build skills.

  • For Library Managers: Skilltype provides insights for library managers to identify where skill gaps lie in their organisation, and if they are able to train existing employees or if they must recruit new employees from outside.
  • For Library Employees: Skilltype informs library employees of the skills and competencies they should develop in their role, based on the needs of the organisation. Each employee has access to a personalised training program within the platform based on their interests curated from an on-demand library training database of over 8,000 training resources across conferences, consortia, and vendors.

Skilltype pricing is based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees working at the library. 

To find out more about subscribing to Skilltype contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Features and Benefits

  • An organisational needs assessment based on industry core-competencies.
  • Insight for managers on what expertise exists in-house to inform decision-making about recruiting from outside or training up from within.
  • Access to quality library training opportunities for all employees, supported by a personalised learning plan for each employee.
  • Rich usage data regarding what employees have signed up for Skilltype, when their last activity was, and how many trainings they have viewed and completed.
  • Robust analytics for the broader talent management and human resources needs of the library beyond training and development. This includes which skills the library needs that it is missing, which skills the library needs that it has today, which skills people want to learn, along with the overall supply and demand of skills within the global library community on Skilltype.
  • Monthly email reports outlining the usage, adoption, engagement, and trends across their employees. Custom reporting is also available.