Marie Robineau

Language Resources Lead

Marie has had quite an exciting journey in the book industry, spanning over 20 years across three different countries - Ireland, France, and Australia. She first worked as a cataloguer, then in customer service at Ireland's most famous bookshop; she now puts all that experience to good use here at CAVAL. Marie's greatest strengths lie in her ability to work well in a team, take initiative and adapt to new situations. She firmly believes that to succeed in this industry, one needs to understand and respect customers' diverse needs and perspectives and go out of their way to match those needs.

Before joining CAVAL, Marie also had the opportunity to work on some exciting literary events, including the Melbourne Writers Festival and managing a quaint little bookshop on Reunion Island. But her proudest achievement to date is her current role at CAVAL as the Language Resources Lead, where she brings a whole set of values such as reliability, enthusiasm, teamwork, and collaboration to those who use our services.